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Finally, we’ll take a more detailed look at the original site of Old Camp Casino: Burns, Oregon.

History of the Old Camp Casino

Owned and operated by the Burns Paiute Tribe, a group of Native Americans who had settled around the entirety of Oregon, USA for hundreds of years, the now-closed Old Camp Casino is one of the most famous ‘tribe’ casinos ever established.

In an attempt to set up a viable business towards the end of the 1990s, the tribe sought financing for a casino development from various companies and investors across the country. Eventually, the tribe secured a loan of nearly one million USD, and opened their tented-style casino in 1998.

Covering a space of 15,000 square-meters next to a main road, the small casino first provided over 70 slot machines as well as poker tables and other amenities. As most of the casino’s profits came from the slots, more were added at the expense of the card tables, which did not prove as lucrative.

The closure of the Old Camp Casino

Unfortunately, this unique tribal casino was closed in November 2012.

There were plans for the tribe to reopen Old Camp Casino in a new building, but these plans never materialized.

Burns Paiute Tribe

The Burns Paiute Tribe, or officially “The Burns Paiute Indian Colony of Oregon” is recognized by the US government as a Native American tribe of Northern Paiute Indians based in Harney County, Oregon, USA.

Descendants of the larger hunter-gather Wadatika tribe, the Burns Paiute Tribe now mostly all live on a shared reservation (the Burns Paiute Reservation and Trust Lands) which can be found just north of Burns. The tribe’s membership numbers have fluctuated over the years; three decades ago, there were 223 members and this figure dropped to just 150 by the early 1990s. However, recent estimates suggest that over 300 people now belong to the tribe, most of whom reside within the tribe’s designated reservation.

In terms of economic development, the tribe was most famous for its Old Camp Casino, which at one time employed over 50 people. Since its closure, tribe members have assumed a variety of different jobs, from manual labor, hospitality work in other nearby resorts, office work and small business ownership.

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